Friday, 27 March 2009

Cursed, CURSED I tell you!!

My STT and MTT accounts are jinxed beyond belief. Just busted out of the Vegas Dream satellite on the bubble with a race, all in pre flop. This is the 2nd time this week I've finished one place outside of the money, meaning this little adventure has already cost me $210. I could have bought in to main weekly final for a straight $550, however I don't think it would be worth my while with this (mis)fortune.

My previous STT's bad beats have been far worse, albeit for less cash involved. When I first started playing poker I thought it would be good to make a living from playing STT's all day but now I think I'd slit my wrists if I ever had to play tournaments for a living - the frustration on hands at bubble time knowing you can't reload is rediculous.

Anyway, hitting cash tables soon (after my pot noodle) so wanted to get the stress out of my system first - hence this post. Hoping for better luck in my brick and mortar NL100 game....


  1. What sites are them sats on mate?

  2. Thanks for stopping by my little peice of the internet!

    I was also like you thinking grinding SNG would be an easy living but the variance of tournament play really pisses me off and it is made worse by retards calling off on the bubble with 84o and hitting

  3. Amatay:
    Get yourself on Ladbrokes - daily finals of $55 +$25 + $25, with weekly final of $550 freezout.

    Mr Pud:
    No problem - plus I really like the blog round up as there are so many out there I wouldn't no where to start looking - your round up means I don't have to do the hard slog to get my blog fix :-)