Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Early March Results

It's a mystery!! I know I am up, but the internet here does not have the best connection so Holdem Manager misses a lot of hand histories. I've played in the region of 8.5k hands and think I'm about £400 up - using Ladbrokes balance as a guide. I'm going to record it from now on so I know how I'm doing as hate being in the dark on these things.....

I'm still not feeling the best (cold / flu etc) so been hitting the antibiotics and throat mediactions, but wasn't helped by the following: I left some strepsils on the side in our room, along with some half eaten biscuits. I thought nothng of it, and while trying to navigate through 9 cash tables felt a bit peckish, so lent over to grab a bite to eat. I pick up the biscuits and luckily catch the fact there are shit loads of ants crawling over them, so count my lucky stars and throw them in the bin. 20 minutes later and I'm still hungry / my throat is aching, so numbnuts here reaches straight over and pulls out a strepsil without looking - placing in my mouth. I then look down and see the other half of the ant colony happily beavering away at the remaining strepsils - sending me into panic mode!!! I jump up the chair, pull the strepsil out of my mouth and spend the next 5 mins rinsing and re-rinsing, without ever feeling that I have cleared them all out... I still feel them on my hands / face / arms now, but hoping it's just imaginary. I hate those little monsters and will spend most of tomorrow on the witchhunt for the remaining survivors so that I can reap my revenge. Then I'll play some more poker. :-)

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