Tuesday, 24 March 2009

See saw

Up, down, further down, recover a bit, down, end £70 up. That was a bit of a stress. Up as much as £250 before falling to £350 down. I then win a slight underdog flip with AA on 246 board (he had 56 for flush and straight draws) when I say 'hell with it' and reraise his big check raise for £100. This would have been a completely different post if he'd hit, as would have logged off tables in disgust. Luckily I 'held' and ended the 7 hour session by playing some very profitable heads up at NL50 against a guy who could not accept defeat. He reloaded continuosly until he lost a total of 3 buy ins, getting it in on the turn with QT (no draw) versus my made flush on T963.

All the hours I'm playing mean I'm also in line for a tidy bonus on the Ladbrokes Rake Race. I'm currently in the top 90 and if I keep playing until the end of the month, will get something like $1.5k from Ladbrokes - with Rake The Rake giving me a furher $1k. All I need to do now is break even for the rest of the month and I'll be happy.... easier said than done!!


  1. just had a look at laddies last few days software looks good

    shame i can only 1 table lol - maybe i can come 2999th for 50 eur

  2. soap your the king - hope BBB is as good as you one day xxx


  4. Might retire this gag when i get sick of it in like 6 months :D

  5. LOL

    I tried to post something on yours along similar lines last week but found out that you've got editor's veto so didn't think it would get through :-)