Sunday, 1 March 2009

February P&L / March Plan

I actually lost money on the cash tables this month but due to the high volume in early Feb was saved by rakeback to put me a little bit up for the month:

NL Cash: -$90
PLO Cash: -$52
STT: -$28
Rakeback / Bonus: $440

Overall: +$270

(43 hours played NL, estimate 25 TOTAL TABLE hours PLO)

March plan:
- Log a lot of hours on Ladbrokes - I think the standard is weaker than Big Slick and they also have a monster Rake Race this month which means high volume players should earn a healthy bonus.
- Log most hours at prime UK time - i.e. change my sleeping arrangements so that I can play against the weaker evening / recreational players rather than the professionals who play during the day.
- Watch lots and lots of poker videos to learn PLO / catch leaks in NL.
- Give PLO a decent shot this month - I like the game, it appeals to my mathematical / statistics driven mind, and just as importantly I think the general poker population (me included - atm) have no clue how to play it. My theory is that if I learn PLO then my edge should be greater than playing NLHE, as it seems more and more people are playing standard 'winning' poker, meaning it's harder to make money at this game long term.
- Hopefully find some time to play some MTT's.

Right, off for lunch then will hit tables this aftrnoon for first session in a long time - actuallt feeling quite nervous and excited!! GL to all playing and all those working I hope Monday isn't too shit a day!

I'll report back soon

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