Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I run goooooooood

At last - a good beat post. I ran £200 above EV tonight for another £600 night, winning some flips and even when I was an underdog in a couple of spots. It's as if someone has changed my fortune by firing a good luck gun at me - I'm not complaining :-)

I'm not tired but starting to feel a little bit complacent at the end so decided to stop after trying to outplay someone with AQ after being check raised on the flop of T72 (he had 77) - needless to say it didn't end well. Luckily I stopped myself shoving the river representing the flush, so only lost £50 on the hand.

After treading water for what felt like ages, I'm on a bit of a heater at the moment and won £1.5k since Thursday. Only 5 nights left of poker before I come home so plan is to put in some hours (without losing concentration!) to see where I end up profit wise.

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  1. :-D :-D nice one HN!! those lucky guns are working a treat!! can't wait 2 see u!!! love u loads K xxxx