Thursday, 26 March 2009

I hate poker

Awful night. I played for ages and lost £380. I think out of that, I probably tilted off about £80 that I didn't need to. Others were horror stories / set ups...

me various cocks
KK vs AA pre flop (fair enough - but 120BB)
AK vs KK pre (again - not much I can do - 90BB)
AA vs 89 J93 board (4bet pot!! he shoves over my flop cbet - 100BB)
AK vs TT pre (flip - 50BB)
QQ vs K9 AJAAA (3bet pot pot - 80% money on turn.... wanker! - 65BB)
JJ vs AQ pre (another flip - 64BB)

I know I sound a lot like Soap, but I'm fuming. Also annoyed with myself for losing concentration on two other hands that cost me that £80.

Hoping to make some of it back over weekend, and realise I need to get my emotions back in check. I nearly broke some things today (including my hand) when smacked the desk here so hard. I thought I'd got over my poker anger issues but guess not - need to learn to feel indifference and not just 'feel sick'.

Whinge over :-)


  1. I heard the fist of fury avenge the desk for bitterly outdrawing you at stupid o'clock in the night.

    I'm off to the beach, get a grip Dracula!

  2. hey!! thats my boyfriend ur hurting!!! dont worry u'll win it back tonight i'm firing the guns of luck in ur direction baby!! speak soon! love you K xxxxx