Friday, 13 March 2009

I'm so slow

This is not news to anyone that plays football with me - even if there are at least 2 slower people in our 11 a side team (you know who you are!!!) - but I just can't seem to win a race at the poker tables at the moment. I played for 9 hours tonight for a profit of £150, but my EV says I should be more than 4 times that in profit. I also ran QQ in to KK and AA pre flop, and AK in to KK - all for buy ins which doesn't reflect the range they could have had going AI pre.

I should be happy with the play that I played as it was very solid, but I just can't help but think I am due a lot of (good) luck soon....

With all the play that I am putting in it does mean I am nicely positioned in the Rake Race for Ladbrokes. I was 130th before tonight, which would give me a $1200 bonus if I stay there at the end of the month. I'm also hoping that Rake The Rake will double their payments to their members, which could mean a $2500 pay day at the end of the month - maybe more if I can climb the leaderboard a bit more. At very least, if I can brake even on the tables for the rest of the month then this would mean my highest ever grossing month - will just have to wait and see how it goes.


  1. Your the greatest Benjy baby

  2. K (Probably not actually K)14 March 2009 at 10:21

    Since Ive been away Ive realised I need a much more many poker player in my life. Your red line is just too much of a pansies Im afraid. Im off out down the Bigg Market to see what I can find.
    Kind Regards not love

  3. its not even that big

  4. Cheers K - your many comments always make me smile...