Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sat Night At Grosvenor

My online form has been patchy at best this month, and despite me logging a fair few hours I'm currently only just above break even. I played a few times when my mind was not really on it (i.e. taking work phone calls, playing when ill) so I'm not 100% downhearted about my game - just need to keep playing and sure the pots will start coming my way.

Decided to take a break from online and went to the casino with Rich and Azz last night for some old fashioned live play. I've not been for a while but the same old faces were there and as I sat next to Mr Cusworth for most of the night I had a good laugh, without much success on the card front. I don't think I helped myself much when I showed a steal with 36 off suit from early position with around 18 players left, as this put a target on my back! I sensibly calmed down my raising after this for a couple of orbits, but got AI pre flop with AK against a guy who wanted to go home and had shoved the last 3 hands (including 37 suited, A8 and J7 I think). Obviously the time he goes all in with me he has a reasonable hand (77) but it looks good for me when I see a King on the first card of the flop, only for a 7 to bink off as the 2nd card. Sayonara amigo!

I left Azz and Rich still there with about 14 left and I would be very very surprised if neither of them took down a sizeable chunk of the prize pool. I know I shouldn't be surprised at the standard of a £25 + £5.50 freeze out but it really was poor. I think I'm going to limit my casino visits to when I go with friends and drink a few beers as a social occasion rather than a serious attempt to win money - the top prize was only £280 and there's far juicier games online on a Saturday night. As I said though, I still enjoyed myself so can't complain too much.

Will log a few more hands in the next couple of days before work again on Tuesday- grim prospect.

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