Saturday, 4 April 2009

March P&L

Despite not being able to play for the last week of March due to alcohol / suit then most frustratingly internet connection problems, I managed to hang on for a decent finish in the Rake Race on Ladbrokes to boost my profit nicely for the month.

6max: £2130
Heads Up: £400
STT: -£50
MTT: -£160
PLO: -£20
All: £2300

Rake Race: £1100
RTR Bonus: £700

March Grand Total: £4100
(125 hours played)

Obviously I'm more than happy with the return, and pleased with how my game has improved since I have been away. I feel confident that I can beat NL100 now and looking forward to getting back playing again soon. Unfortunately I need to withdraw some of my winnings in order to pay for some unexpected expenses (old council tax bills, stolen motorbikes) so I won't be able to move up in limits just yet....

Work on the horizon so my bonus / rakeback is going to be less this month. Just hope my (hopefully) improved poker skills can make up the shortfall!!

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