Monday, 20 April 2009

Weekend Results

Spurs 1 Hapless Toon 0 :-)

Went to the pub to watch it with the lads - including a few too many Geordies - so was more than relieved to hang on and win, especially when we should have been about 3 up by the time Shearer put on the danger men of Viduka and Smith...... ha ha ha..... I mean Viduka and Martins. Smudger is absolutely hopeless, summed up by his 'shot' from the edge of the area that nearly hit the corner flag. How can a centre forward / centre midfielder play 52 games without scoring and still get £60k a week?!?!? You've got to laugh - and be thankful it's not your club. I still think they'll get raggy and stay up with a win on the last day of the season, but it's fun right now watching them shit themselves.

As for Spurs, we've got some rock hard fixtures (Man Utd, Everton and Liverpool all away) in last 5 games so think we'll just miss out on the Europa league. Not that this would be the end of the world as it'll be a pile of poo anyway, but I suppose you need something to aim for. We've been class since Xmas and with a 3 signings (centre half cover for King, big centre forward, left winger cover for Modric) I think we'll be very strong next season. Champions League will - as for everyone outside big 4 - will be out of the question, but think we'll be scrapping for 5th with Villa, Everton and Man City. All depends who we sign....

No cash poker as Katrina's parents were up for the weekend and spent a lot of time with them - including a night out on the town on Friday night. I've met them a fair few times now and the 'need to impress them' nerves have pretty much gone - which I think contributed to me letting my guard down and accidentally getting hammered. I'm not exactly a heavyweight at the best of times, but as I have only been drunk about 5 times this year due to my Thailand poker exploits, the beer hit me a lot harder than I expected. The Saturday morning hangover and the stories Katrina was telling me of the taxi ride home had me worried how bad I was as we all met up again on Saturday afternoon, but I think I managed to get away with it. They didn't tell me to leave their daughter alone so I think I'm still in their good books :-)

I did play a WSOP freeroll on Sunday evening but the 2 hands I played went against me. First I raised and cbet with QQ from SB on AT3 board, before giving up, checking through against BB to show A8. Fair enough on his part, no complaints, just a shit board. Stole a couple of blinds but got short (1.1k - BB 150) and shoved over a CO raise to 600 all in from the button making his call obligatory. He shos A5 and low and behold the dreaded ace flops. Shame as there were only 74 runners and top prize was all expenses paid trip to vegas for the WSOP (entry included), but my tournament run of bad luck continues. Think I have been bad beated or coin flipped out in all of my last 7 tournaments, without even making a dent in to the prize pools. I grew up as a SNG and MTT regular - cashing a lot - in the (g)olden days of Crypto but right now I hate them with a pasison usually only reserved only Arsene Wenger and his under 15 loves he calls the Arsenal first team. I'm sure I'll play tournaments again in the future, but not for a while.

All this blogging is keeping me from the tables so I'm going to stop writing and get playing. Adios amigos.

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