Thursday, 23 April 2009

Rake me up!!

Just finished for the evening here at 1:30 am, having played just over 3 hours worth of poker tonight. First 90 minutes broke even but then came good late on to win £200 for the evening. Just as importantly though I'm building points for the rake race as would love to climb in to the top 300 and make a bit more spondoolees. Last month I finished in the top 90 but now that I'm back at work there was no chance I could get through the same volume. I know there's a tonne of people that have lost jobs in the recssion, so I won't bitch and moan too much - but having to go to work each day is so GAY!!!

Thankfully their start times are flexible so I'm predicting a 9:59 am start time for me tomorrow to get maximum sleepage :-) In fact, I better go now before the zzzzz's get me....

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