Sunday, 26 April 2009

Home Truths

Here are some things that I knew before this weekend, but I have had them confirmed to me again - more or less in this order:

Spurs can be class
I am a lightweight
Spurs are the most infuriating team in the world to support
£30 freeze outs are full of poker retards
Drinking 9 pints before food is not a good idea
Brennan is shit at poker when he's drunk - but will tell you he is 'awesome'
I run bad in tournaments (QQ bust by K9 calling my all in shove pre flop)
Ad King runs like god on cash tables
Brigs is a drinking animal.
Mood is a shithole
Briggs is also a dirty dog.
I do not do hangovers very well

Currently dying on the sofa watching the Arsenal scum play Boro (come on Boro!!!). I have a freeroll later but determined not to play any cash poker while this ropey as have lost a lot of money doing that in the past. Arsenal just scored and if they go on to win by a few I won't feel like watching it so might load up a few cheap STT's to keep me entertained....

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